About Us

Decoy Deals has been set up to bring high quality and affordable Pigeon Decoy equipment direct to the end user.  We are able to do this as we have our own production lines where we manufacture our own products.  This also means we can supply bespoke solutions and designs for anyone! After many years of shooting and living within a shooting community we know what the pigeon shooter requires:
As we manufacture and supply direct to the end user we are able to cut out all middlemen in the supply chain.  This means you get the best quality product at the lowest possible price.  We do not want to just sell a single item, we want to become your one-stop shop for everything Pigeon Decoy. Therefore if you see something we do not supply and think we should, please do let us know and we will then see what we can do and see if we can beat all prices for similar items. 
For far too long Pigeon Decoying has been pricey and there is no need for this, as pigeon shooters ourselves we know about weight of all the gear we carry, therefore we will try to supply high quality products but low in weight. We will try to be ahead of the rest and find new designs and innovations that give you the edge over the guy in the hedge down the road.

Decoy Deals